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What is a pitch?

A pitch is the official name of a rugby playing field. Dimensions are 100 meters by 70 meters.

What is a ruck?

A ruck is formed when the ball is on the ground and two opposing players meet over the ball. The offside line becomes the last foot of the last man on each side of the ruck and players compete for the ball by attempting to drive one another from the area and to "ruck" the ball backwards with their feet.

How do you score points?

Worth 5 points, a "try" is scored when the ball is grounded over the opponent's goal line in the try zone. A subsequent 2 points can be scored if the ball is kicked between the posts of the uprights.


What is a scrum?

A scrum is when the eight forward positions from each team bind together and push against each other and fight for possession of the ball.

How much are member dues, and how do I pay?

Auxiliary member dues are $30 per person and playing member dues are $75 per person. You can pay cash, check, and Square.

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